Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Re: synchronously waiting for a Promise

One idea, which would be awesome from a user perspective, is the following:

Emulate CompletableFuture with native Promises. Then if the synchronous cf.get() call is used, then translate that to await, and make the function it is in async (in JS land). This would automatically change the signature to a CompletableFuture, and then propagate this up to all callers. If it makes it all the way to a function exposed with JsInterop, then that function changes signature like the rest of them to return a promise. The consumer of this function is obviously in JS and so can handle the promise fine. This would equate to translating the synchronous java calls which wait on a CompletableFuture (Promise) to return promises in JS. This wouldn't require any changes to the Java code - it could continue in its synchronous style, and not disrupt JVM based users of the same code. 


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