Friday, August 26, 2016

How to declare standard java libraries dependencies to the GWT compiler with the tbroyer maven plugin?


Having read the deprecation notice, I'm trying to move from the mojo plugin to the new recommended plugin, the one written by Thomas.

But I'm facing this problem: my GWT application uses some java libraries (standard jar packaging but with GWT compatible sources), however the GWT compiler can't find these sources although I have listed these libraries in the application pom:


With the mojo plugin already it was not enough to just declare their dependencies in the pom, I had to declare them a second time in the compileSourceArtifacts section of the plugin configuration, like this:


and then the GWT compiler could find the sources of these libraries and include them for the application compilation.

I haven't seen the equivalent with the tbroyer plugin.
Anybody knows how to do it?

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