Monday, August 22, 2016

Anouncing Sanuma Beta

Hi Folks!

Today I would love to share Sanuma with you.
Sanuma is a simple, free beautiful online photo gallery!@/snm

You can view pull photos from your hard drive or any supported cloud service.
Sanuma currently supports Google Photos, Instagram, Twitter, Flicker.
Facebook and other services are coming soon.

Note that Sanuma only display your photos in a beautiful gallery.
We do NOT store your photos on our servers.
When you display photos from the local file system we read and display then on the client.
For any connected cloud service we only read the url of the photos and display then on the client.

What s next ?
- Mobile client
- Support for more cloud service. Specially Facebook
- User registration and persistence of settings
- Upload a picture to multiple service from one place
- And more … 

Please keep in mind that this is beta release. So expect some bugs.

Looking forward to hearing your feeback !


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