Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Re: Are there already some JSInterop repositories available somewhere?

True, JSweet is not a Java emulation, so there are some limitations (for example, no runtime distinction between int and double). However, it is not accurate that you cannot share code between a Java server and a web client. If your code only uses the Java APIs as defined in J4TS (it is actually a fork of the GWT JRE emulation dropping the emulation part), then you can share code. It will work as well in the JRE and in a JS container. No problem as long as you understand well JSweet semantics and the small differences with Java. For more information, visit the version 1.1 announcement:

For information, I have suggested to some Google GWT team members that we could collaborate on the candies topic. But I had no actual answer, so I guess they want to do it on their own.

/Renaud (JSweet dev)

On Wednesday, August 24, 2016 at 3:54:43 PM UTC+2, Bruno Salmon wrote:
There is still a big difference between JSweet and GWT because although JSweet supports Java 8 syntax, it doesn't do any JRE emulation. So JSweet is much simpler and it can be a good choice if you just want to write your JS code from Java (with all the advantage provided by your Java IDE like auto completion, refactoring, etc...) and if you don't need to refer to any JRE class (List, Map, etc...) in your code. With JSweet your code is only a Java (better) view of your JS code. But if you want to use the JRE emulation or share some Java code between your frontend and your backend (client and/or server), JSweet can't do it whereas GWT can.

The candies are a big advantage of JSweet but yes GWT will soon fill the gap and offer exactly the same so, as you said, it's really cool.

My understanding is that is not hand crafted and has a generator. But it is an individual initiative (and not sure it is still active) whereas Elemental2 and its generator are more official (and active) parts of the GWT project.

It seems we don't know yet exactly when the Elemental2 generator will be out. Very exciting stuff but let's be patient first..

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