Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Re: Completable Future in GWT 2.8-rc1

Looks like a perfect fitting for RxJava, not sure why it add complexity. Promises has no concept of subscription, so requests cannot be canceled, also you will going to need to create a lot of SAM to support generics and lambdas, this is already implemented in RxJava which is pretty mature project used in servers and androids! and now in GWT ;)

This is what can be done in RxJava and you will need lot of code to get there with promises ;)
// this will cancel the previous request… --v …if next click occurs before previous has done
.switchOnNext(event -> autoRestService.loadZeroOneOrLotOfItems()
.doOnSubscribe(() -> table.cleanAndShowLoading() /* do this on each new server request */)
.onErrorResumeNext(err -> { table.stopLoadingAndShowWhy(err); return empty(); }))
.filter(item -> item.name.startWith("iDontLikeThisOne"))
.subscribe(item -> table.addRow(item));
I'll encourage to try it out, AutoREST will just guide you to a more uniform API, instead of the RequestBuilder ModelVistor (https://github.com/intendia-oss/autorest-gwt/blob/master/gwt/src/main/java/com/intendia/gwt/autorest/client/RequestResourceBuilder.java) create your own using native XMLHTTPRequest. If you don't prefer Observable is because you haven't used them ;), hehe or not! I' just trying to promote rxjava-gwt.

On Tuesday, August 23, 2016 at 4:30:06 PM UTC+2, zakaria amine wrote:
I am working with native XMLHTTPRequest. I am trying to write a utility that simplifies the asynchornous calls, and that I can use from my applications to call Rest Services. 

Le mardi 23 août 2016 12:44:30 UTC+2, Ignacio Baca Moreno-Torres a écrit :
I'm curious... what problem are you trying to solve using promises (requests, events, presenter logic...)?

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