Thursday, April 23, 2015

Re: SDM and client debugging with eclipse debugger?

Independently from the reply from Jens and Ivan I'm curious to know why I do not see a sourcemaps entry in chrome developer section (as one can see in this video starting at 2 min 11 sec).  


On Wednesday, April 22, 2015 at 3:12:05 PM UTC+2, wrote:
Hi all,

I am new to Super Dev Mode in GWT and currently try to use SDM in combination with Client Side Debugging, but it is not working (no break point activation on client side code). My setup is the following:

* IDE: Eclipse Luna Service Release 1 (4.4.1) with GWT Plugins 3.8.0
* GWT project based on 2.7.0
* Deployment to local JBOSS (Wildfly) via JBOSS Maven Plugin (mvn wildfly:deploy)
* Browser: Chrome 42

The procedure is:
* start the code server via maven --> mvn gwt:debug
* Start a debug configuration in eclipse that connects to the (code server?) debug port 8000 -> Debug connection successfully established
* Compile and deploy project with maven -> mvn clean compile package wildfly:deploy
* Start the GWT-App in Chrome (URL pointing to GWT App running on local JBOSS)
* Turn "Dev Mode On" with previously created bookmarks -> Recompile Option appears -> Click it --> Recompilation
* Trigger Client-side functionality (e.g. click a button) that should trigger a break point activation (e.g. in buttonClicked Handler) ==> NO Break Point Halt in Eclispe Debugger :-(

Any hints what could be wrong with my setup?


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