Friday, April 24, 2015

Re: LESS/ SASS/... style usage in GWT ?

Have a look at the RedHat Errai templating mechanism. 
Errai is setup in modules (jar's), so you can use only the parts you need. And easy to extend/fork parts you need.

The idea is that you load the css/html dynamically when needed in the app (through annotations). These html/css snippets/pages can be controlled/provided by Customers/third party companies. It works well, efficient with a good productivity: you can easily change the css/html without recompiling the GWT app. It works good when clients want other colors or provider their own html snippets/pages..
GWT loads the css/html snippets and adds logic to the required html snippets, like buttons and form processing, etc...

With all the css/html framework and developers out there these days, it a very friendly and productive integration. 
As a GWT developer I love it and makes me happy. I don't want to be busy with missing pixels and jumping css behaviors. Everybody has to do what he is good at ;) Especially these days, css/js is changing a lot, difficult to keep up with...

Just my 50 cent...

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