Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Question about GWT-OpenLayers Right-Click Support

My Google-Fu must be weak today, because I cannot find any examples for handling right-click events when using GWT-OpenLayers, specifically when clicking on a VectorFeature.

Currently, I'm using VectorFeatureSelectedListener to handle feature selection left-clicks, in which I react by displaying a popup context menu built using GWT widgets, but my goal is to instead display that popup upon right-clicking of that feature.

This page (http://demo.gwt-openlayers.org/gwt_ol_showcase/GwtOpenLayersShowcase.html) does not seem to contain any examples related to right-click handling.

This example (http://gis.stackexchange.com/questions/24999/showing-menu-based-on-right-click-on-point-geometry-in-javascript) looks somewhat promising (haven't tried it yet), but again, I'd prefer to have a solution using Java/GWT instead of Javascript.

Hopefully this functionality exists within GWT-OpenLayers and I'm just overlooking it. Any help/example would be appreciated. Thanks!

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