Friday, April 24, 2015

Re: LESS/ SASS/... style usage in GWT ?

I am not sure i am really clear in my explanation, but i hope you get the idea... 

Yeah I got the idea. Although I don't need it now it seems quite handy for theming and I like the fact that the external CSS file can still be pruned with the help of the generated mapping file.

I think what confused me is the fact that it heavily emphasizes that it enables you to use any css framework / preprocessor with GWT. However you can just do that without your library as well because GWT does not care how the css/gss file for a CssResource is generated. You can very well use scss files, turn them into css files and then compile the GWT app.

So IMHO the main advantage of your library really is easy theming without recompiling the GWT app while still having optimized/pruned/minified external css files. That you can use LESS, SASS and the like is logical as your library, as well as GWT itself, does not care how the input CSS file has been generated. Maybe you should rework your documentation and homepage a bit because while reading it I always thought "well thats just the same as css resource" and totally missed that you optimize/prune external css files against an already compile GWT app.

-- J.

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