Monday, April 20, 2015

Re: LESS/ SASS/... style usage in GWT ?

With HexaCss for GWT, you can use Sass, Less, Susy, Foundation, Bootstrap and so on. For the programmer you use it the same kind of way as CssResource/ClientBundle, but then you bind your application to external CSS files, and thus can use any CSS Framework. You should have a try !

This is what i use to quickly wrap an existing CSS Framework (bootstrap, skeleton, ...) or to use my own Less or Sass or GSS stylesheet.


Arnaud Tournier
twitter : @ltearno

Le vendredi 14 juin 2013 15:23:43 UTC+2, Ed a écrit :
I am curious how people use LESS/SASS/... etc.. in GWT i.c.m. GWT Clientbundle mechanism?
I looking into using this (never did before).
Please share your experience? (setup, css parsing, experience, ....)

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