Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Re: Incremental Build

As I understand it seams that incremental build is only available in Super Dev Mode. So its always a real compile cycle. Beside from the mentioned options to speed things up are there any other things I can do in order to win some seconds on each recompile? I am using a SSD so I guess there is nothing much to gain if I use a ram drive or something.

Am Mittwoch, 22. April 2015 15:09:26 UTC+2 schrieb Martin Kersten:
I am currently creating a transparent GWT compiler adapter which compiles the libraries if code changes on start of application / test automatically.

I managed to just drop in some module code in any package and add additional information using annotations. So everything is working fine right now.

What makes me still curious is that I do not know how incremental building works. How can I use it to speed up the compiler.

I understand that compiling only for a single browser will speed things up (It just gives 0.5 sec), that setting a high level of optimization cost more time
and also I am using the draft version to speed it up. The linking is reported to cost .2 seconds and I guess this is the tree shakedown (the temp js is 500kb
but the final version is 150kb while high optimization results in 60kb).

So if someone point me to information regarding incremental build would be great.


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