Saturday, March 21, 2015

Simple tool for generating CssResource files from css/gss stylesheets

Its often a pain to have to generate CssResource files from .css / .gss stylesheets.

Intellij has a tool that works reasonably well, but it seems unable to handle classes with hyphens or numbers in them. E.g it converts both "foo-bar-1" and "foo-bar-2" to "fooBar()", which results in compile errors due to duplicate methods.

This is especially a problem with Bootstrap and Foundation, where its very common to have classes in the "foo-bar-N" format. Intellij also seems quite slow at doing this for large files.

I've written a quick tool which should simplify the process, at: . The readme file describes the usage + some examples/

It handles almost all formats in css class names, and it also handles reserved java keywords.

Feedback / pull requests welcome.

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