Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Re: Many problems between GWT and LibreJs

On Tuesday, March 31, 2015 at 4:34:24 PM UTC+2, Diego Ariel Capeletti wrote:

Hello, a few months ago I'm developing a GWT application I intend to publish it as Free Software License (AGPL), both written in Java source files, as the resulting code HTML, CSS and JavaScript that is generated by GWT. I believe that there should be no legal problems with licensing, Do you guys think?

I am not a lawyer but JavaScript produced by GWT is a mix of you own code (under your own license) and GWT code (under Apache v2), so it's GPL-compatible. The JS code that comes from GWT (gwt-dev and gwt-user) has no third-party dependencies (AFAIK).
Today I'm having problems with LibreJs since JavasScript files fail the test it imposes. A test passed, is because it has licensed headers JavaScript files, but there is another problem that you can not find solution.

In the attached picture, I show LibreJs reporting. The head of the JavaScript license is present, but there is another aspect that LibreJs donot do not like and it is. Any website written with GWT, for easier it always is blocked by LibreJs. I welcome your comments.
What is the matter?

Which version of GWT are you using? Are you using the "std" linker (aka IframeLinker) or have you switched to the "xsiframe" linker? (GWT 2.7 uses xsiframe by default)
Do you have the old-ish __gwt_historyFrame iframe in your HTML page?
Those are the only two reasons I can see for having a src="''".

Anyway, a src="''" should be GPL-compatible ;-) 

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