Thursday, March 26, 2015

Re: How to filter some places in onPlaceChangeRequest in ActivityManager?

I can not agree with you.

ListEditActivity works with ListEditViev which has ListEditor editing a set of items.

it ListEditActivity responsibility for what to save all edited items in the editor.

mayStop returns a message only when trying to change, for example, to another ListEditPlace.

I want to note that ListEditActivity managed by ActivityManager with CachingActivityMapper and FilteredActivityMapper and it wouldn't stopped when placeController go to place ListSelectionItemPlace.
In this way we no need to ask ListEditActivity about mayStop - only when going to ListSelectionItemPlace

If I have a legal way to bypass stopping activity (CachingActivityMapper and FilteredActivityMapper) then a need to have a way to not ask this activity to may stop any way it wouldn't be stopped.

did you agree with me.

Yes, now I see only one way is to implement ActivityManager - no good solution.

On Thursday, March 26, 2015 at 1:57:05 PM UTC+3, Jens wrote:
ListEditActivity.mayStop() should not return a message if it is valid to change list items. 

mayStop() is normally used for dirty checking, e.g. someone edits an item and has not yet saved the edits. In that case mayStop() should return a warning message which allows the user to decide to actually do the place change and discard edits or stay at the current place and save his edits. If the item is saved and everything is good to go then mayStop() should return null.

Anyways you can always implement your own ActivityManager, but before doing so I would think hard if your mayStop() implementation is really what you want. To me it sounds like you have a bad mayStop() method and because of this you need further workarounds in a custom ActivityManager.

-- J.

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