Monday, March 23, 2015

Re: Update GWT 2.7

Nobody has some ideas to resolve my problem ? I don't understand why the compiler in hosted mode and only in hosted mode, it doesn't find the generated class by a generator...
The class is located in the folder : target\.generated\fr\core\generator\MyClassLoader.

If somebody can help me because I am blocked with this problem...

Thank you

Le mercredi 4 mars 2015 15:19:23 UTC+1, ELkeke a écrit :

I updated my application GWT with the new version 2.7. I have problems with generators, generated class, but before with the version GWT 2.6.1;everything was Ok, I don't change my code, only update the version of GWT 2.6.1 -> 2.7.

This is the error message :
[ERROR] Could not find fr.core.generator.MyClassLoader in types compiled from source. Is the source glob too strict?
[ERROR] Compiler returned false

I don't understand this message because the MyClassLoader is a class generated by a class(=MyClassLoaderGenerator) which extend
When I survey the target created by maven 3, I have found this class :

When I do : mvn clean install : no problem !
If I deploy my application in a Tomcat : no problem !
The problem happens when I do : mvn gwt:run (run the SuperDevMode).

Help me, thank you.

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