Sunday, March 29, 2015

GWT Editors - temporary field

Hi everyone,

my question is regarding the Editors framework with Requestfactor, that im qctually using.

I got a proxy with two dates, that is used with editors. Now I want to show the difference of these two dates in a seperate field (i.e. 2 hours).
One simple approach could be, after calling driver.edit(proxy), to calculate the diff for the dates manually.
Another could be, to add the diff-field to my proxy. Since the field is read-only + its a temporary field, that is not and should not be persisted, that wouldnt be the best solution I think.

Im not deep in editors, I just got the base Editors+Requestfactory example running. So my question is, whats the best / simplest way, to include a temporary non persitent field with editors?

Thanks in advance.


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