Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Creating a widget that can accept HTML + Widgets in UiBinder (Without using HTMLPanel)


I'm trying to create a container widget which can accept html within uibinder files, without extending from HTMLPanel.

If I try to implement `HasHTML`, then I can only pass in HTML without being able to pass any widgets.

If I try to extend from ComplexPanel and override the add(Widget child) method, same as HTMLPanel does, then passing in HTML doesn't work.

Surely UiBinder isn't hard-coded to only allow HtmlPanel to accept panels + widgets? 

I'm trying to reduce the amount of boilerplate needed for displaying a form. (Right now I have to use a FormPanel containing a HtmlPanel which contains the actual form code. I'd like to be able to just use one widget which contains my html embdedded within the formPanel and HtmlPanel)

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