Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Re: net.ltgt.gwt.maven and testing in multi-module project structure?


Thank you, the setting the <include> did it.

My next question about testing is, what are the expectations for the test module? Are we still required to provide a separate JUnit.gwt.xml?


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Hi folks,

I'm moving away from the 'classic' Maven GWT plugin to net.ltgt.gwt.maven by Thomas Broyer and I'm unclear to make client tests work. I created the project using

mvn archetype:generate    -DarchetypeGroupId=net.ltgt.gwt.archetypes    -DarchetypeVersion=LATEST    -DarchetypeArtifactId=modular-webapp

modular-webapp doesn't generate client/test, so I just added standard Maven structure using client/test/java, but those are not invoked.

Do you have GWTTestSuite matching the default includes pattern?
If not, then either add one or change the includes to match your test classes (e.g. **/*Test.java, or the whole list from the default maven-surefire-plugin's value)

https://tbroyer.github.io/gwt-maven-plugin/test-mojo.html speaks in terms of proect base directories instead of the client module. Quote:


Multi-modules in Maven are an after-thought, so $project always refers to the current module in a multi-module build. This means that ${project.build.directory} defaults to the target/ directory inside your client module.

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