Monday, July 18, 2022

Re: Compatibility of GWT 2.10.0 with GXT 2.3.1.a

GWT packages have still the same name. AFAIK, there are no changes on package names.
In case you start using GWT modules, you will have to use the packages starting with 'org.gwtproject'. 

Starting with GWT 2.10.0 you can '' or 'org.gwtproject' as groupId inside the Maven dependency. Starting with one of the next release of GWT, only the 'org.gwtproject' groupId can be used. schrieb am Montag, 18. Juli 2022 um 15:33:09 UTC+2:
From what I gathered, packages have been renamed from **.google.** to **gwtproject** or smth.
So without a gxt update to cover for the new packages, I doubt you can upgrade your project.

There is one simple way to check, just update the GWT version in your dependency manager (maven or whatever you use) and you'll find out soon enough.
Op maandag 18 juli 2022 om 06:56:23 UTC+2 schreef
Hello Team,

we use following jars in our application - 
GXT .jar -        2.3.1.a
GWTx.jar -       1.5.3
Log4j-gwt.jar - 1.0

Wanted to know that will recent update of GWT 2.10.0 compatible with above dependencies.

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