Monday, July 18, 2022

Re: Compatibility of GWT 2.10.0 with GXT 2.3.1.a

In an ideal world, you'd reach out to those libs' maintainers and ask them if their lib is compatible with GWT 2.10.
But those are all libs that haven't had a new release in a decade:
* GXT 2.3.1.a was released in 2014
* GWTx 1.5.3 was released 2009 (GWT 2.0.0 wasn't even released at the time!)
* log4j-gwt 1.0 was released in 2012

You're quite fortunate that GWT has a rather extraordinary backward compatibility track and such a combination might still work with 2.10.0, but nobody in their own mind should even try that unless they're desperate.
If you're going to spend time on something, spend it on removing those outdated, unmaintained libs (you had between 8 and 13 years to do it already, but it's never too late). Stay on an older GWT version for as long as you can, but remove those libs (if you share code with the JVM that uses log4j –still using log4j 1.x? hope you migrated to reload4j–, then rewrite/copy the few bits that need to be emulated; for GXT and GWTx, replace with your own code or possibly another –maintained– lib).
If the project isn't worth it, then it's probably not worth either spending time updating to GWT 2.10 and make sure everything still works.

So first, let me ask: why do you want to update to GWT 2.10?

On Monday, July 18, 2022 at 6:56:23 AM UTC+2 wrote:
Hello Team,

we use following jars in our application - 
GXT .jar -        2.3.1.a
GWTx.jar -       1.5.3
Log4j-gwt.jar - 1.0

Wanted to know that will recent update of GWT 2.10.0 compatible with above dependencies.

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