Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Re: GWT code splitting and generics

Yes, I am using AsyncProvider<> to create split point. The issue is not here, the split point is created. However, most of my code stay in the initial fragment because every Provider<> are merged together (If I understand correctly the soyc)

For exemple :
- I have an AsyncProvider<A> and A has a dependency to a Provider<X>
- I have another AsyncProvider<B> and B has a dependency to a Provider<Y>
- the EntryPoint use a Provider<Z>

I was hoping to have a splitpoint with A+X, another with B+Y and the initial fragment with Z
However, after the compilation, X, Y and Z are in the initial fragment, and the soyc says that Provider<X> and Provider<Y> are used by my entrypoint.

Le mercredi 24 juillet 2019 17:19:06 UTC+2, Jens a écrit :
GIN has a AsyncProvider<T> class which calls GWT.runAsync(...) internally to code split T with T being something concrete that GIN can inject.

Have you tried that AsyncProvider instead? 

-- J.

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