Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Re: Building a GWT project in Eclipse 2019-03+ with Java 11.

But I have to go back to my original question: Wouldn't it be theoretically trivial to simply strip out the offending classes from gwt-dev.jar in the process of publishing a GWT 2.9.0?

That would break everyone using current GWT SDK. repackaging into a different package would be the better option. 

You can download and use the GWT artifacts published to Maven Central ( which do not include the offending classes. However you must provide these classes manually then as additional jars on your class path.

The only thing that is still packaged with gwt-dev.jar from Maven Central is a patched version of Eclipse JDT compiler.

And is there seriously no way to tell the "Validating GWT components" process to stop harassing me?

I assume you can open the projects settings in Eclipse and disable the GWT validator. There is a validation section somewhere in the Eclipse settings.

-- J.

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