Monday, December 4, 2017

Veracode Reporting Vulnerabilities on GWT-generated nocache.js

We currently did the static security code scan using veracode.

The veracode report the following two very high priority issues with GWT generated <module>.nocache.js.

CWE-80: Improper Neutralization of Script-Related HTML Tags in a Web Page (Basic XSS) (
code: function f(a){if(a.match(/^\w+:\/\//)){}else{var b=m.createElement(ab);b.src=a+bb;a=e(b.src)}return a}

CWE-601: URL Redirection to Untrusted Site ('Open Redirect') (
Code: var I;function J(){if(!I){I=true;var a=m.createElement(xb);a.src=yb;;;a.tabIndex=-1;m.body.appendChild(a);n&&n({moduleName:Q,sessionId:o,subSystem:R,evtGroup:X,millis:(new Date).getTime(),type:Ab});a.contentWindow.location.replace(s+L)}}

We need help to mitigate the above issues or any GWT resource which could help us with good explanation.

Thanks for your help!!

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