Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Re: ERROR: The serialization policy file 'xxx.gwt.rpc' was not found; did you forget to include it in this deployment?


here are some additional findings:

  • The error message only appears when launching the project within eclipse. I don't see any errors when launching the project with "mvn gwt:devmode".

  • The CodeServer runs with different parameters when started from within eclipse and when started from commandline

    • eclipse:
      Running CodeServer with parameters: [-noprecompile, -port, 9876, -sourceLevel, 1.8, -bindAddress,, -launcherDir, /home/wagner/dvl/prj/msm/msm-app-bcs/target/msm-app-bcs-1.0-SNAPSHOT, -logLevel, INFO, -style, OBFUSCATED,]

    • commandline: mvn gwt:devmode
      Running CodeServer with parameters: [-noprecompile, -port, 9876, -sourceLevel, 1.8, -bindAddress,, -workDir, /home/wagner/dvl/prj/msm/msm-app-bcs/target/gwt/devmode/work, -launcherDir, /home/wagner/dvl/prj/msm/msm-app-bcs/target/msm-app-bcs-1.0-SNAPSHOT, -logLevel, INFO, -style, OBFUSCATED,]     

The launcherDir and worDir parameters show signifant differences, but I cannot tell if that is related to the error message.

This problem may be specific to my environment. I don't expect a straight solution, but I would appreciate any hints.
What can I check, where should I look at. Where to go from here?


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