Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Re: Any way to create a DialogBox-like component that DOESN'T use HTML tables?

Hello Colin...

I don't have a problem with tables; but we're using the embedded form of CKEditor in a dialog, and there's a bug with it that, if it is embedded within a table (even way up the DOM), certain focus and key events cause it to remove itself from the DOM.

We'll be submitting a bug report to the CKEditor people, but for now we need the component to work.  We're using GWT's dialog classes for our dialog, but they use tables for layout (unless I'm sorely mistaken).

I thought that PopupPanel also uses table for internal layout; is that not the case?

Thanks for your suggestions about where to ask questions. :-)

- Tim

On Thursday, December 7, 2017 at 6:59:49 PM UTC-8, Colin Alworth wrote:
Tables should only be needed (even historically) to manage rounded corners or some other "9-box" way to build corners and edges - if you just want a flat popup with square, solid colored border, there shouldn't be a need for tables. If you only need modern browser support, you shouldn't need tables at all.

What specifically concerns you with using HTML tables? Sure, it generates a little more content and isn't very pretty if you are reading the source, but if it does the job...

What are your requirements for a dialog box?

As the javadoc indicates, DialogBox extends DecoratedPopupPanel, which is responsible for adding the 9box (for styling purposes, as mentioned above). The superclass of DecoratedPopupPanel is PopupPanel - if you only need the API that PopupPanel offers, you might do okay with just that. Beyond that, we would need a lot more clarity.

(And for future reference, gwt-contrib is good for discussion about GWT contributions, but StackOverflow, gitter.im/gwtproject/gwt or ##gwt on freenode, or this GWT Users mailing list are all better places to ask questions.)

On Tuesday, December 5, 2017 at 7:36:30 PM UTC-6, TimOnGmail wrote:
Hi all...

We're currently using a third-party component that, for some reason, doesn't play well when embedded in HTML tables.

One of the uses we have for this component is within a DialogBox.  Unfortunately, it appears DialogBox does its layout using HTML tables.

Does anyone know of an alternative component that acts similar to a DialogBox, but which doesn't uses HTML tables for layout?

- Tim

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