Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Re: Strange elemental 2 behavior and weird workaround

One situation where it always pops up is when I am using UiBinder.
I start our with a plain ui.xml file which does not contain a ui:Style tag.
Just access the application in the browser so that it gets compiled to JS.

Then I add an <ui:Style> tag with some custom styling and I reload my browser.
The second incremental compilation is broken.
The only solution is to clear the cache and then it works again.

Oh this still exists in newest GWT? I thought it was just an issue in our custom build (something between 2.7 and 2.8). Maybe you should file a bug then, as it is pretty easy to reproduce.

An additional workaround is to change your <ui:style> to <ui:style field="someName"/> and after a compile remove the field="someName" thing again. A bit clunky but maybe faster than recompiling everything.

-- J.

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