Tuesday, July 11, 2017

How to recompile the output of GWT compiler with Closure Compiler?

I already set up the whole toolchain in my project based on maven dependencies:


I am using both, GWT and Closure Library. Closure Templates in Incremental DOM mode in particular + jsinterop. Now I would like to combine and minimize all the JavaScript sources in the project, because at the moment it is still loading separately:
  • compiled gwt module
  • compiled closure modules
  • material-components-web.js
I already enabled collapse-all-properties in my GWT module to keep just one permutation and it seems to be working with the Closure Compiler. I can also keep GWT compiler output PRETTY and even enable -XclosureFormattedOutput, but I have no idea:

How to invoke onModuleLoad() method of my GWT module after recompilation,

nor how to specify proper entry point for the closure compiler?

Any hints are highly appreciated. If the -XclosureFormattedOutput flag is there, then most likely someone is using it for the same purpose I am trying to achieve. I believe that Google Inbox is using these techniques. But the Internet seems completely silent on this topic and I couldn't find any examples.

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