Sunday, July 16, 2017

Best practice of create template in GWT

I am new to GWT. Recently I am building a website need to have several pages of forms with same kind of structures. What I originally do is having a XML file with information for input attribute, something like
, and then I have a form template which will read the XML files at client side and create form input html elements and dynamically add them into the dom.

I'm not sure if this a better way to create a form template. It seems like writing raw html in uibinder also can get things done and it will save times on create event handlers for individual element. I want to create a template because the website I'm making need to extend to have more forms in the future. That's why I was thinking about making a template at first place. 

Can anyone give me some suggestions about what's the best practice of making template or in general creating same structure pages. Any input will be appreciated.


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