Tuesday, July 4, 2017

How to manipulate the location/coordinates of the drag image while dragging?


is it possible  with the standard HTML5 Drag'n'Drop using with GWT to manipulate the coordinates of the drag image while dragging in that way, that the image only change its position on the y axis and x is fixed. For example I move the nouse during dragging to the upper right corner the drag image shell only move up. I managed to add a DragHandler, which is called during dragging, but I do not know what to do in the handler. I tried to re-set the drag image with new x and y values. But that had no effect.
Does anyone knows if it is just inpossible what I want to do or does anybody know, how to do it? In former times I used the gwt dnd library. With it it was possible to do this "trick". Maybe I have to use it again?

Thanks a lot, Philipp

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