Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Re: GWT 2.8.1 release


first of all, thanks for GWT!
I am trying to make use of the new includeJsInteropExports flag while using the CodeServer.
It seems that those new two switches need an extra "s": e.g. -includeJsInteropExports instead of -includeJsInteropExport.
But even then I did not succeed; CodeServer returns with:

Unknown argument: -includeJsInteropExports a.b.c
Google Web Toolkit 2.8.1

Could anyone provide a working CodeServer parameters list using that feature? I just found the GWT test case (

Or is this feature only to be used in deployment, not during development using CodeServer?

Thanks for any response.

Kind regards,

Am Dienstag, 25. April 2017 21:30:21 UTC+2 schrieb Colin Alworth:

I'm very pleased to announce the release of GWT 2.8.1. This contains many bugfixes and a few enhancements to JsInterop.

Highlights from release notes:

  • Elemental1's JSON parser now correctly throws an exception when a string, object, or array is not correctly ended.

  • Support filtering JsInterop types for export, with whitelist/blacklist and wildcards. The -generateJsInteropExport flag is still used to enable the feature, but -includeJsInteropExport and -excludeJsInteropExport now exist to specify packages with optional * wildcards. Later arguments and patterns override earlier ones.

  • Support "*" (any) and "?" (unknown) types as a JsType native name. The "Unknown" type can be preferred over Object if the type is unknown, while "any" is preferred supertype of any JS type, including primitives.

Additionally, this supports the recent beta release of jsinterop.base and elemental2, available from Maven Central.

Please check out the full release notes, then download the release zip or update your project to get version 2.8.1 from Maven Central.

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