Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Re: Any issues running in detailed (or pretty) style in production?


They're getting an unresponsive script error, and the browser will tell them where it is, but the code is obfuscated.

It is not an issue if you have obfuscated stack trace. There is a file (produces during build) with all names mapping to java methods. You can de-obfuscate it manually. Just get crash (or exception) stack screenshot from them.

 I'm out of ideas for trying to reproduce, but I was thinking if I compiled the code as detailed (or pretty, what's the difference?),

I recommend you pretty if you go this ways. It is easy readable and not so huge (as detailed).

Another recommendation - ask them to run TeamViewerQuickSupport and ask them to call you when the problem happens so that you can examine the stack trace (or even debug, the classes still have correct class type information with names). (in this.proto._class_)

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