Saturday, June 17, 2017

Re: Annoying Map containing List bug

In time: before someone try to convince me that a Map<String,Object> is a bad idea, it is working really well - I've a system with about 500.000 lines of code, and I'll not change this.

Hehe ;) Although I always thought GWT compiler would already complain about Object. I am unsure but your app might depend on a GWT bug then. 
I guess it works because all the types you are putting into the map as values are also used in other RPC methods so that GWT compiler sees them and generates serializers for them. Well except your enum that causes problems. Can you try adding a dummy method to your GWT-RPC interface, e.g.  void makeVisibleToCompiler(SITUACAO p1), and then check if it works?

-- J.

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