Monday, August 31, 2015

Re: Why code ends up in Left over Soyc report? How to analyze?

But let's start with the original problem: I want the Total app to be small, and merely/not contain/share any code of the other apps. How to accomplish this?

Its not really possible to keep Total really small because you compile everything into a single app. The only thing that you can probably keep small in your Total app is the initial code download because everything else is behind a split point.
But the more code you have the larger the left over fragment becomes because more shared code appears between your split points unless you merge them. Given your concrete example IMHO you actually haven't won anything because both your app's split points have been merged by GWT to minimize left over. While the Total app now loads a bit faster you always download both apps regardless which one you want to use (which probably defeats your idea to have them separate downloads). As soon as you separate those apps by removing the fragmentCount parameter you see the increase of the left over fragment because you have more shared code between these two split points then. Choose your poison ;)

So indeed the smallest possible Total "app" would be a separate HTML page with links to the host pages of the other apps ( = no Total app at all, just a HTML page). That way each app can be updated independently and you can better design the split points within each app because you don't depend on the other apps indirectly. The only downside might be that the client downloads common GWT SDK code (widgets, etc.) multiple times.

-- J.

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