Monday, August 31, 2015

Re: Why code ends up in Left over Soyc report? How to analyze?

@Jens: thanks for the reponse.
You have used "fragmentCount" during compilation. When using this setting you are 
> allowing the compiler to merge split points if the compiler thinks that merging will decrease the 
> size of your left over fragment.
Indeed, I just removed it, and it's larger (about 15% I guess).

Anyway: Yes, your scenario description is correct and thanks for better understanding it.
So I was reading it wrong to check why it wasn't exclusive to split point #4. 

But let's start with the original problem: I want the Total app to be small, and merely/not contain/share any code of the other apps. How to accomplish this?

I think I have to make sure that the apps Declare and Ztoeslag are allowed to share code through the code fragments, but not share any code with the Total app. But how to realize/configure this?

(I could then load the apps in the background when the Total app is started, but that is for latter optimization).

The alternative would be that I make 3 separate GWT apps with their own html index.html page and simple call these pages when needed. But that is old fashion and I think I am loosing the power of GWT hen ...

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