Thursday, August 20, 2015

Re: GWT 2.7.0 is here


I'm repsonsible for @ 50 GWT web apps. I develop
on Windows 7 on a command line, and the apps run
on a commercial Linux server.
Last month (July 2015) I switched from 2.6 to 2.7.
I small thing I noticed right away was that the deliverable file
sizes for 2.7 were uniformly slightly bigger, between 2 and 5%.
But the problem I'm having with 2.7 is when I put out
a newer version of a web app that has already been
loaded into a users' browser.

On the server, the update times for all relevant files (.html, .css,
.js etc.) are set to one week. So if there is a new version of a
web app, users will typically get it within a week. For users who
ask for the latest version right away, I would tell them to
force refresh the browser page.For 2.6 and earlier, this worked reliably
on all browsers I tested (IE Firefox and Chrome on Windows, Firefox
and Chrome on Mac, Chrome on Android). With 2.7, it works sometimes,
but there have been several occasions where I asked the user to
refresh to get the latest version, they did, and they ended up with a dead page.
In other words, the GWT javascript page of the page did not load at all.
Faced with that, I have to tell users to delete their browsing history, and
try again (-- I never had to resort to that extreme step before 2.7).

Faced with that, I decided to go back to 2.6 today, and the problem completely
went away. I asked the same users who ended up with dead pages from the 2.7
version to refresh again to the just published 2.6 version, and the app worked
right away, no problem.

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