Monday, August 24, 2015

Re: RequestFactory - update entity

The following solved my problem:

request = AppManager.getRequestFactory().personRequest();
object = request.edit(object); //object is the Proxy passed to me
// request.edit(object); // instead of this...

Actually edit(object) returns a new "mutable version" of the entityProxy, that can be worked with. Changing values and persisting did not cause exceptions anymore.

Am Montag, 24. August 2015 21:10:30 UTC+2 schrieb Manuel:
Hi everyone,

Im using the requestFactory and want to update an entity. The problem is, its frozen.

I get an entityProxy passed, were I like to update 1 value. The problem is, when I try to edit it with a new Request, it fails, cause the proxy is frozen.

I found this:

It says, I got to get a new entityProxy from the server.

This would take 1 request to receive a "fresh" entityProxy and another for the update... I was wondering, if there is a better way to do this? Or whats the proper way to update a entity with just 1 request?
Is there a way to actually create a new entityProxy on the client that updates an existing entity without loading it from the server?

Thats what I tried:
               PersonRequest request = AppManager.getRequestFactory().personRequest();
PersonProxy proxy = request.create(PersonProxy.class);

.setId(object.getId()); // Copy values of passed object
.persist(proxy).fire(new Receiver<PersonProxy>()

Copy all values ends in hibernate Exception for detached entity passed to persist.

Thanks in advance.


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