Saturday, March 29, 2014

Why “word-wrap” css style doesn't work inside a <table> (GWT)?

We got this css to make a long string (without any space in it, URL for example) to fall into many new lines rather than just show 1 line:

.wordWrap{  word-wrap:break-word;  }

in .xml file

<table>      <tr>         <td>            <g:HTMLPanel ui:field="myPanel" addStyleNames="{style.wordWrap}" > <g:Label text="Aaaaaa..very long string without any space in it... aa"> <g:/HTMLPanel>         </td>      </tr>  </table>

This does not work.

However, if we remove the <table> then it work fine

So Why "word-wrap" css style doesn't work inside a (GWT)?


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