Saturday, March 29, 2014

Re: Error on the output directory for the project should be set to

You're doing all that is discouraged.

On Sunday, March 30, 2014 3:41:43 AM UTC+2, Dilan A wrote:
I try to create by following maven command

mvn archetype:generate 

Don't use that archetype (and this advice comes from the de-facto maintainer of the gwt-maven-plugin).
If you want to start from archetypes, you'll find some good ones from GWT's main contributors (Brandon Donnelson, and myself); e.g. (sorry, I don't remember where Brandon keeps his archetypes)
then convert to eclipse project.

mvn eclipse:eclipse

You should really use M2Eclipse (it's bundled in Eclipse for a couple releases)

Given your error message, I think the problem is you have a war/ folder at the root of your project (or the Google Plugin for Eclipse expects one). With a Maven project, you shouldn't.
This is probably due to not using M2Eclipse to import your project in Eclipse, so the Google Plugin for Eclipse can't detect that you're using Maven.

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