Monday, March 31, 2014

Re: window namespace in super-dev-mode

Nevermind... It seems to be solved already...

Am Montag, 31. März 2014 09:34:50 UTC+2 schrieb Klemens Schrage:

I'm experiencing some problems when debugging (especially) static methods in super-dev-mode in Chrome. When I have inspected / unfolded the this-node in the scope variables view on a previous breakpoint the devtools-window begins to hang when entering a breakpoint in a static method. Chrome automatically unfolds the static method's this-node which seems to be the window-node. The scope variables view is filled with a huge number (all?) of functions. Obviously too much for the devtools. 

Would it be possible to enclose those methods in an additional subnode / container variable to avoid the performance problem? Besides the problem for static methods it would also help with "normal" inspecting the window namespace. Correct me if I'm wrong, but one doesn't need those functions for debugging purposes.

Best regards
Klemens Schrage

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