Monday, March 31, 2014

Send data (keep alive probe) across GWT RPC connection

I have a web application running on an Amazon server using a Elastic load balancer and when I make a RPC call between my client and the server it is timing out after 1 minute, because there is no activity on the RPC connection for more then a minute. The reason there is no activity on the connection is because the process invoked by the client takes 2-3 minutes to run on the server. I have 2 solutions to this problem which are 1) have amazon increase the idle timeout to 2-3 minutes, or 2) send data ever 50 seconds over the RPC.  I am in the process of getting Amazon to increase the idle timeout, but in the meantime does anyone know how to do option 2.  I know how to send a message every 50 seconds between the client and server after the RPC is made, but this does not solve the problem because the message is not sent across the original RPC connection and it has to be in order to keep the connection up. I'm new to GWT and JAVA and don't know if option 2 is even doable, but I would really appreciate any suggestions or help with this that anyone can give me.

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