Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Re: The Chrome 24 Animation bug and unstable APIs in general

Thanks for the link. Good discussion. I was under the impression that there was other code that used prefixed js, but grepping the code just now I only find the animation impl.

I agree with your comments in that thread that it should be enabled by default and agree that 2.4 should have been officially patched to 2.4.1 as soon as the issue was known. As I've mentioned elsewhere, we're not using 2.5 because there's nothing we particularly need and because of this issue:


In our particular case, we implemented an animation as a subclass of Animation that moves a dragged object back to its origin if it was dropped in an invalid location. It gives good user feedback that their drop failed (rather than just hiding the object being dragged) and if it is a little jerky because it is using a sub-optimal implementation, I'm ok with that. In our testing, it looked just fine with the Timer implementation.


On Tuesday, January 29, 2013 1:11:16 PM UTC-5, Jens wrote:
Take a look at

-- J.

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