Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Flextable getCellClickedEvent

FlexTable table = new FlexTable();
table.setBorderWidth( 1 );
table.setText( 0, 1, "Span 2 Rows" );
table.getFlexCellFormatter().setRowSpan( 0, 1, 2 );
table.setText( 0, 0, "First" );
table.setText( 1, 0, "Second" );
table.setText( 0, 2, "First" ); 
table.setText( 1, 2, "Second" );

Now when I am clicking cell(1,2) table.getCellClickedEvent(event) is giving colIndex 1 instead of 2.But table.isVisible(1,1) is giving false and table.getCellCount(1) is giving 3.Please suggest any workaround to avoid the column index change in getCellClickedEvent(event) due to setVisible(false).

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