Thursday, January 31, 2013

Passing object from one module to another module

Hi All,

I have the following project architecture

a.gwt.xml, has an entry point class and search.html which users access it initially. When this page is hit a rest call is made to get the user information which has to be retrieved once.
b.gwt.xml, has an entry point class and searchresults.html which lists the users for the application based on the search query provided in search.html.
All the modules are not loaded initially.

My requirement is to pass the search query and the retrieved user object from module A to module B.

Module B is loaded after an click event in the search.html search box by the following way Window.Location.replace("searchresults.html");

I'm trying to achieve this above said requirement using GWT-Exporter following the article in

Did I miss something important or is this not possible in GWT?

Please help me on resolving this issue.

Clement Amarnath

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