Wednesday, January 30, 2013

GWT Best practice for preventing duplicate requests and displaying busy icon

 I am a new GWT developer and I have been doing a lot of reading, writing test programs, and watching presentations by GWT gurus. But I have not yet found any article that shows how to solve the following problem that I believe should be a vary common problem for GWT applications. If some could please point me to the right direction, I would really appreciate it. Here it goes:
1. I have a bunch of services that I can call on the server and I know that some of those services take a lot of time to return while some are very quick.
2. I also know that due to unreliable network, the services that are supposed to return results really quick may also take a long time or may never even return.

Now, based on the above, my UI is supposed to behave like this:

1. For calls that I know are going to take a long time, it should display "Loading, please wait..." kind of dialog right way. I want to prevent the user from doing anything for say at least 10 seconds and after that I will assume that something is wrong and remove the dialog and let the user do whatever he wants.

2. For calls I know will return quickly, I don't want to show the "Please wait" dialog right away. May be wait for a second (because I expect a response in a second), and then show the dialog. But when the dialog is NOT displayed, I don't want the same request to be fired again and again. i.e. I don't want the user to rapid fire the "Do It" button.

Is there a standard way to handle this kind of a thing in GWT?

thank you!

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