Thursday, August 30, 2012

Re: Maven gwt module dependency with an other gwt module dependency

Ok, i should visualize my problem.

First the image of my project structure:

I'm using gwt 2.4. The main gwt project is a war file build by maven and the maven gwt plugin in version 2.4. This project has a dependecy to the gwt model(3) which is a gwt module jar with an gwt.xml file. The Root project has also a dependency to the gwt view project (2) which is also a gwt module jar with an gwt.xml file. The gwt view (2) project needs also a dependency to the gwt model project(3). Both jar files has the sources and the class files.

Is there a tutorial or some hints that describes how to setup the projects to use multi gwt modules that depends on each other?

kind regards 

Am Dienstag, 28. August 2012 12:12:23 UTC+2 schrieb Saik0:
Hi @all

i'm have an issue with maven and external jars as gwt module jars.

Given is the following project structure:

1) Root Projekt : gwt-main

2) Singe GWT View : gwt-viewer-test

3) Model : gwt-model

The Root Projekt use the gwt-viewer-test and gwt-model project. The gwt-model project is also used by the gwt-viewer-test project. The dependencies are organized with maven. If i build the root project i have still this issue:

[ERROR] <no source info>: public class de.gwt.viewer.test.ViewerTest
private [unresolved] de.gwt.model.ModelTest model

This looks like gwt could not obtain the sources of the gwt-model project that is used in gwt-test-viewer and in the root project. if i build the root project without the viewer project gwt finds the sources of the model project.
What i'm missing?


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