Friday, August 31, 2012

Problem - Images are not displayed


I am new to GWT so this might be a stupid question. I am trying to familiarize myself with GWT and wanted to build a simple UI using the UIBinder. For starters I wanted to try a simple layout using the DockLayoutPanel with a logo at the top and some images that are supposed to be used as navigation on the left. I thought I understood the process (it seemed straightforward enough), but for some reason only the images on the top are displayed, the images in the left side are not.

All images are saved using the same format (PNG).

Here is the relevant part of the XML (interestingly enough the images are displayed when I switch to design mode in Eclipse):

<ui:with field="res" type="com.gwttest.client.Resources" />

<g:north size="200" unit="px">
<g:Image resource="{res.imgLogo}"/>
<g:Image resource="{res.imgHeading}"/>
<g:west size="200" unit="px">
<g:Image resource="{res.button1}"/>
<g:Image resource="{res.button2}"/>
<g:Image resource="{res.button3}"/>
Content goes here

When I look at the javascript console in chrome I can under "Resources" that all images are there. When I dig into the Code under "Elements" i see that the images have been replaced with an image called "clear.cache.gif".

Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong?

Thank you very much

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