Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Re: Best serverside architecture(framework/stack) to use with GWT for large application...please show me the light

I love GRAILS and GWT development.  Grails make hibernate development very easy for java guys, and grails has hardly any xml "stuff" to deal with. is an GWT/Grails combo

On Saturday, August 25, 2012 7:48:12 PM UTC-4, GWTter wrote:
Hi all,

I've been doing research on this for the past 2, almost 3 days now. I feel like I've googled everything under the sun on the matter (including these forums) and am almost all tutorialed-out. Before I go into any more details on the question I just want to give a quick overview of the scope and plan for the project to see what will suit it best:

-Large application, non-trivial
-50+ DB tables
-Large user base
-User management/authentication/sessions
-MVP (as per GWT recommendation)
-focus on performance and scalability (naturally :), am using GWT after all)

I've also read and watched all of the best practices on architecture for large applications (Google/GWT).

Now in the last talk I could find on best architecture practices involving GWT was back in 2010 by Ray Ryan in which he states that they don't think JavaBeans and property change events work terribly well so it's better to use DTOs for the Model.

My big questions are if this is still the belief and the recommended route, and if so, what should I be looking at in order to achieve this? a Framework?

My preference would be to keep coding in Java on the serverside since I'm already doing so with GWT on the client. I've been investigating serverside frameworks and seem to have arrive at 2: Seam or Spring? However I can figure out which of these are best suited for the task. All of the doc I've found out there discussing the issue is at the most recent about a year old but most of it is from <=2010 so it makes it even harder to tell considering that both of these frameworks have evolved considerably since then. There's also been the coming of JEE 6.

Can anyone give any insight on who's best suited for the task, or what I should do to fulfill my requirements but stay inline with what is recommended by GWT? I know I only mentioned Seam and Spring since that's what I've been led to mostly, but I'm open to any suggestions that fit what I'm looking for. I've already ruled a couple of solutions such as Spring Roo for this kind of task.

This is my first project of this scale and the last thing I want to do is head down a path and figure out that I've wasted a lot of my and my team's time and energy because of some wrong decisions I made at the get-go.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help, I really just want to figure this out so I can get back to coding instead of googling the ends of the earth ;).


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