Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Re: making Anchor look like a normal link

Actually, I made a mistake.  The problem doesn't seem to be the authentication (which simply checks the session).   I disabled the authentication and it still happens.

I believe this is the way GWT is supposed to work.  A GWT is one page.  The going back and forward through pages is simulated by the Places mechanism.

What happens with a Hyperlink when opening in new tab/window is a hard reload.  This is the same as cutting and pasting a URL (once inside the app) into a new tab or window.  GWT calls onModuleLoad().  That's the way GWT works, unless I fundamentally misunderstand it.

The confusion about Hyperlink remains.  What is an internal link to the app supposed to do when opening in new tab/window?

On Monday, May 28, 2012 12:40:05 PM UTC-7, Thomas Broyer wrote:
If loading the app (when you're authenticated) doesn't bring you to the place the URL represents, then your app is broken.

Your issue is either with auth or app initialization, not with hyperlinks.

Google Groups for instance brings you back to where you were when hitting F5.

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