Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Any way to structure a project with WEB-INF in eclipse project root

I need to migrate a number of old (and large) gwt 1.5 projects to 2.4 They are all set up in source control with an /html folder for the generated javascript and the WEB-INF directory located in the Eclipse project root.

Is there any way to avoid restructuring all these projects in source control to the new project layout? It seems like it should be simple to configure jetty to use the existing WEB-INF directory but I can't figure out how to do it short of having an ant target copy all the files in PROJECT_ROOT/WEB-INF to PROJECT_ROOT/html/WEB-INF then run devmode. 

Tell me I'm missing something and there is a relatively simple way to configure either the plugin or a launch configuration for dev mode that will essentially designate PROJECT_ROOT/ as the war folder for the jetty launch.

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