Thursday, May 31, 2012

Problem with CellList refresh

Hi all

I have strange problem with CellList.
I used CellList with ListDataProvider, 2 fields DateBox and one Text

When I try add object (object consist of 2 dates and one String) to
public void addToList(MessagesInCampaign message, TextArea text) {
List<MessagesInCampaign> list = dataProvider.getList();

it's working ... but only in debug mode (debug on external server).
When I deploy application on server (Glassfish 2.1) and run it in
browser add action doesn't work (there's no error, everything is made,
ListDataProvider.getList().size() is equals 1 , but CellList is still

Is anyone had this problem ?
I have just the same solution in other module and this solution work -
I see no difference except the type of objects in ListDataProvider and

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